Dr. Robert D. E. Henderson

BSc, MSc, MBA, PhD

Physicist | Photographer | Academic | Physician-in-training

Teaching Dossier

Teaching Experience

Lecturer, University of Waterloo
Courses Taught
  1. MNS 102: Techniques for materials and nanoscience. Spring 2016. Faculty of Science.
    Taught at Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing, China, as part of the joint international 2+2 Materials and Nanosciences program.
  2. MATH 104: Calculus for Arts & Social Science. Winter 2016. Faculty of Mathematics.
  3. MATH 103: Algebra for Arts & Social Science. Fall 2015. Faculty of Mathematics.
  4. SCI 10: Communication Skills for Physics & Chemistry. Fall 2015. Faculty of Science.
  5. SCI 238: Introductory Astronomy. Spring 2015. Faculty of Science.

If you would like a copy of my full teaching dossier, please send me an e-mail.